Rockmusic and harp sounds

Rockmusic by Volker von Mozart

Musik Jahr@Rock Harfe is the headline of the new Volker von Mozart album in 2023.

Rockmusic combined with the sounds of the Celtic harp is the theme of this rock harp music album. Volker von Mozart plays the Irish harp. In symbiosis with the riffs of the electric guitar and delicate leads, this creates a mystical connection. So what you hear is what you get, an atmospherical construction really new sounding experience. Maybe the first Volker von Mozart album which is more an easy listening or rocking sounding thing. Let us listen to the upcoming release and then to streaming and download online. Really cool and a novelty that has a spirit of free sounding music.

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Metadaten des Release: Musik Jahr@Rock Harfe

Release-Details of Rockmusic

EAN 4067248902905


Volker von Mozart


10286729 1

Musik Jahr@Rock Harfe, Musik von Volker von Mozart

Musik Jahr@Rock Harfe



Komponist und Lead Guitar:


Copyright-Vermerk: 2023 SCHALLROLA

P-Vermerk: 2023 SCHALLROLA


Original Release Date:




Presale date:



€12.99 – €19.98

Sprache: Deutsch


Rockmusik und Harfe

Titelliste des Musikalbums:

1. Volker von Mozart – Januar Tag, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:02, ISRC DE1JN2398524
2. Volker von Mozart – Februar Mystik, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:11, ISRC DE1JN2398317
3. Volker von Mozart – Märzensbrecher, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:49, ISRC DE1JN2398268
4. Volker von Mozart – April April, SCHALLROLA, 00:02:51, ISRC DE1JN2398400
5. Volker von Mozart – Mai Nacht, SCHALLROLA, 00:04:19, ISRC DE1JN2398371
6. Volker von Mozart – Juni Glissando, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:15, ISRC DE1JN2398550

7. Volker von Mozart – Lila Juli, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:48, ISRC DE1JN2398393
8. Volker von Mozart – August Regen, SCHALLROLA, 00:04:16, ISRC DE1JN2398568
9. Volker von Mozart – September Lied, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:10, ISRC DE1JN2398476
10. Volker von Mozart – Oktober Sonne, SCHALLROLA, 00:04:29, ISRC DE1JN2398577
11. Volker von Mozart – November Rose, SCHALLROLA, 00:02:47, ISRC DE1JN2398319
12. Volker von Mozart – Dezember Musik, SCHALLROLA, 00:05:00, ISRC DE1JN2398294
13. Volker von Mozart – Neujahr Blues, SCHALLROLA, 00:03:02, ISRC DE1JN2398560

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