House of the rising song | Latin Dance by Floyh (artist)

A House of the rising song with latin-house beats by Floyh

This is the ultimative dance house release in 2021. Best rhythm tracks let´s you dance to the drums and basslines. Listen to the awesome new album by Floyh from germany.

Beatport download with house of the rising song now available

Dance charts on beatport and many other good music to fill the floors.

Hear the Floyh sounds and download the super tracks there for an outstanding audio experience or for DJing things. Grab this link to the Floyh album.

house of the rising song
House of the rising song on Beatport

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem in d-Moll, Beta Version

Écouter de la musique est au rendez-vous, avec le Requiem de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Vous pourrez écouter la version pour harpes en 2020. Nouvelle version, livrée dans les prochains jours, à entendre. Écoutez maintenant les sons du Requiem sur ce site et trouvez le monde des tons doux acoustiquement:

iTunes Download:
Le store propose la version beta de Volker von Mozart en téléchargement MP3. Cela permet une qualité audio particulièrement belle pour le meilleur plaisir musical. Folge dem LInk zum iTunes Store, oder lade das Album bei Amazon herunter.

Requiem (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Albumtitel:

1. Mozart – Requiem in d moll, KV 626; Introitus: Requiem aeternam. SCHALLROLA, 00:04:55, DEAR42021210
2. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Dies irae. SCHALLROLA, 00:04:21, DEAR42083290
3. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Tuba mirum. SCHALLROLA, 00:03:30, DEAR42033956
4. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Rex tremendae. SCHALLROLA, 00:02:07, DEAR42085043
5. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Recordare. SCHALLROLA, 00:06:07, DEAR42050469
6. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Confutatis. SCHALLROLA, 00:03:46, DEAR42081388
7. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Sequenz: Lacrimosa. SCHALLROLA, 00:03:18, DEAR42019965
8. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Offertorium: Domine Jesu. SCHALLROLA, 00:05:05, DEAR42031484
9. Mozart – Requiem in d-Moll (KV 626); Offertorium: Hostias. SCHALLROLA, 00:04:57, DEAR42070689
10. Mozart – Ave verum corpus (KV 618). SCHALLROLA, 00:02:50, DEAR42028297
11. Mozart – Die Zauberflöte (KV 620): Heil sei euch Geweihten. SCHALLROLA, 00:03:30, DEAR42077281


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Visitez aussi le site Internet:  Mozartburg mit Volker von Mozart


Requiem de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Beta

Note der Sommerzeit (Nannerl-Notenbuch) KV1-5

Sommerzeit Noten=Nannerl’s Music Book played by Volker von Mozart in Summertime. Listen to outstanding electronic sounds. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, KV1-5.


EAN-Barcode: 4061707406362

Performer: Volker von Mozart

Title: Note der Sommerzeit


Volker von Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

Volker Wolfgang Schidlowski (Arranger)

Version: Nannerl-Notenbuch


Audio-Language: No

Release date: 28.07.2020

Presale date: 19.07.2020

Main-Genre: Classical Crossover

Subgenre: Pop

Volker von Mozart
Volker von Mozart – Note der Sommerzeit

Tracks on the album: Note der Sommerzeit

1. Volker von Mozart – Andante in C-Dur, KV 1a,   SCHALLROLA   00:02:25 DEAR42011032
2. Volker von Mozart – Allegro in C-Dur, KV 1b,   SCHALLROLA   00:02:00 DEAR42043972
3. Volker von Mozart – Allegro in F-Dur, KV 1c,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:53 DEAR42065786
4. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in F-Dur, KV 1d,   SCHALLROLA   00:02:28 DEAR42080185
5. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in G-Dur, KV 1e,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:38 DEAR42015363
6. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in C-Dur, KV 1f,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:42 DEAR42067576
7. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in F-Dur, KV 2,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:40 DEAR42093918
8. Volker von Mozart – Allegro in B-Dur, KV 3,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:58 DEAR42075592
9. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in F-Dur, KV 4,   SCHALLROLA   00:01:38 DEAR42032610
10. Volker von Mozart – Menuett in F-Dur, KV 5,   SCHALLROLA   00:02:36 DEAR42031094
11. Volker von Mozart – Allegro in C-Dur, KV 5a,   SCHALLROLA   00:04:49 DEAR42057187
12. Volker von Mozart – Andante in B-Dur, KV 5b,   SCHALLROLA   00:03:49 DEAR42046710

“The Nannerl Notenbuch, or Notenbuch für Nannerl (English: Nannerl’s Music Book) is a book in which Leopold Mozart, from 1759 to about 1764, wrote pieces for his daughter, Maria Anna Mozart (known as “Nannerl”), to learn and play. His son Wolfgang also used the book, in which his earliest compositions were recorded (some penned by his father). The book contains simple short keyboard (typically harpsichord) pieces, suitable for beginners; there are many anonymous minuets, some works by Leopold, and a few works by other composers.. The notebook originally contained 48 bound pages of music paper, but only 36 pages remain, with some of the missing 12 pages identified in other collections.” (Text from

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rockandroll mobile

Rock and roll – rockabilly song 2020 yeah!

That´s All Right [Rockabilly/Rock and roll] – Col Blu


Rock´n ´roll is the musical theme of the seconde single by german Rocker Col Blu. Rockabilly sounds old fashioned but really cool sounding. That is the flavour of the artist. Hear the latest rock song by Col Blu and it will remind you of great rock and roll times. Played with electric guitars and and with the electryfing voice of the artist enhanced to a rockabilly tune.

Download the single at Amazon or Napster.

Type: Single-Album

UPC: 5059505998140

Artist: Col Blu

Composer: Athur Crudup

Style: Rock and roll

Subgenre: Rockabilly

Title: That’s All Right, Mama

ISRC: GBSMU8048088

Play: 2:28 min

Rock and roll sounds by Col Blu.
Col Blu – That´s All Ritght, Mama (Single)

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Kaiserwalzer Strauss – Volker von Mozart 01

Amazon, iTunes the audio download stores are happy to provide you with the Kaiserwalzer Strauss (op. 437), composed by Johann Strauss (Sohn). Hear this song now. Volker von Mozart has recorded this piece of calm music. You can listen to the sound of natural harp. Very smoothing tunes.

kaiserwalzer strauss
Kaiserwalzer Strauss

Kaiserwalzer Strauss | Human Musik Album

Auch zum Download ist der Kaiserwalzer bei Amazon oder iTunes erhätlich. Darüber hinaus auch bei O2 Music, Vodafone music und Youtube music.

  • Andererseits gibt es weitere Streaming Dienste die den Kaiserwalzer zum Anhören bereitstellen. Schaue doch mal bei Napster, Aldi-Life oder Deezer vorbei. Nicht zu vergessen Tidal oder Pandora radio. Sie und O2-music, alle haben das neue Volker von Mozart Album verfügbar.

Audio-Download Mp3 with an enhanced feeling for good sound

The delicate sounds of harp lead a romantic spring into the summer. Nice music for good entertainment. Now you can be there and experience something extraordinary: The transformation of a musical idea into an unreal scene. A concept album that should make you think about a lot. Doesn’t that sound great?

Volker von Mozart presents impressive works by well-known composers from the classical music genre. On this album, dedicated to 2021, as a prophecy of a new awareness of music. People are at the center of expectations and are challenged.